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My Personality Type Of Enfj - 970 Words

After answering multiple questions for different situations I was able to obtain information about my personality. ENFJ is a very unique and has various skill sets that will allow me as individual to work in multiple roles. Occupations with good interpersonal skills that allow productive collaboration through any working process. Although this personality can be challenging it still has many benefits to help build careers successfully. There are many high rank positions that this particular personality type would be effective in. Some examples are sales, social services, community care, legal and the list goes on. In all of these roles there are a broad range of occupations that would fit perfectly based on the personality type. However, the ultimate focus is to reach their main dreams. Although they may see their selves as helpers or enablers, this creates the challenge. Throughout the course of years, I tend to find out more about myself. Every day is challenging and full of many surprises. However, the most challenging thing in my life is working with other personalities. Only to find myself considered an ENFJ with a temperament of NF. Yes, I’m open to others and would put myself last, but I now understand how to truly connect. ENFJ This personality trait reflects many strong characteristic in various settings. It is the most driven personality to seeking their dreams. Through different skills they are able to play many roles for examples counselor,Show MoreRelatedAnalysis Of Katharine Cook Briggs And Her Daughter, Isabel Briggs Myers1492 Words   |  6 Pagesyour best friends? Or maybe you are dying to know why particular coworkers get under your skin. Perhaps routine quarreling with your cousin frustrates you. Well, once I concluded after much research that I am the ENFJ personality type, I learned not only how my type relates to the ESTJ type, but also that each person s unique perception of the world causes many social conflicts due to individuals perceiving and responding to things opposite from their peers. In order to better understand myself andRead MoreLeadership Qualities Of A Leader1375 Words   |  6 PagesKeirsey personality temperament sorter chart to find out the leadership quality in me. Initially, I thought I am not a good leader and I don’t have the great quality to be a leader. The chart helps me figure out and understand what leadership quality I have. I have identified myself as leadership temperament type ENFJ (Extroversion, Intuiting, Feeling, Judging), whose skilled intelligent roll is the Idealist (Keirsey Bates, 1984). Tomorrow’s leader may need to be more like the ENFJ type: interpersonallyRead MoreMyers Briggs Personality Type Pros/Cons Essay702 Words   |  3 PagesBriggs Personality Type Pros/Cons During the power point on the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, as the instructor went through the different types of personalities, I was able to recognize which subcategories I fall into almost instantly. When my computer personality test results were returned, I was correct. As I read the type descriptions of Extroversion, Intuition, Feeling, and Judging- ENFJ- I quickly recognized myself within the descriptive words. The first subset of my personality is ExtraversionRead MorePersonality Traits From Jung Typology Test Essay1323 Words   |  6 Pages Throughout this paper, I am going to talk about the personality â€Å"ENFJ†. ENFJ is one of the personality traits from Jung Typology Test. E stands for Extroversion, N stands for Intuition, F stands for feelings, and the J stands for Judging. All of the letter comes with different personality types. During this exercise I learned about this personality ENFJ. Some of the personality traits are good people skills, strong organizational skills, creative, imaginative, loyal, and committed. Some strengthensRead MoreHow Personality Is Influenced By Genes Or Heredity856 Words   |  4 PagesPersonality is a complex subject that involves different traits, which makes every individual unique (Ziegler, 2014, para. 2). Some researchers believe that personality is influenced by genes or heredity by 50%, others believe that its shaped by a combination of nature vs. nurture, and others believe that its innate or social (Ziegler, 2014). In 1923 Carl Jung recognized that people do not act randomly, rather they have different preferences (Ziegler, 2014, para. 17). Katherine Briggs and her daughterRead MoreThe Myers Briggs Type Indicator Essay1230 Words   |  5 PagesThe Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) enables an individual to gain a deeper insight into their inherent personality traits. For some people, they have had prior knowledge or underlying assumptions about their personality, but this test provides clearer information about each of their identifiable traits. According to the MBTI in Human-metric personality test, my scores were 22% (E) extroverted thinking more than introverted, 9% (N) intuitive as oppose to sensing, 16% (T) thinking more than feelingRead MorePersonality Assessment Of Carl G. Jung And Isabel Briggs Myers783 Words   |  4 PagesPersonality Assessment Paper After completing the assignment for this week, I found that I am of the introverted, sensing, thinking, and perceiving (ISTP) personality type. This personality type from the work of Carl G. Jung and Isabel Briggs Myers more commonly known as the Myers- Briggs type indicator suggest a few factors in my personality. The first of these is introversion. Even though this is often thought of as being a quite type or wallflower, the picture is incomplete. Introversion fromRead MorePersonal Assessment Survey : My Four Letter Codes853 Words   |  4 Pagesfinalizing my personal assessment survey, my four-letter code came to be ENFJ. According to the handout, ENFJ is associated with teacher type personality. The teacher tends to be sociable, sympathetic and handle situations with others feeling in mind. They also are great organizers and tuned into the needs of others. A treat that goes hand in hand with the teacher is the idealists. The idealists are described as humane, intuitive and insightful. What I got from reading The Four Personality TemperamentsRead MoreThe Qualities Of A Professional Team1464 Words   |  6 PagesPopular theories such as Myers Bridge personality type states that a high-performing team is comprised of both distinctly defined roles and a well-rounded collection of personality archetypes. In order to ensure a successful team, it is important to know more about the team member personalities and how the different personalities can be a useful tool building and leading a project team. After taking the personality test, my personality type was identified as ENFJ Extravert (26%) Intuitive (16%) FeelingRead MoreThe Theory And Maslow s Need Hierarchy Theory1445 Words   |  6 PagesStep 2 This section of my paper will relate the Glass Ceiling concept to two theories – the Equity Theory and Maslow’s Need Hierarchy Theory. The Equity Theory The Equity Theory can be defined as â€Å"a model of motivation that explains how people strive for fairness and justice in social exchanges or give-and-take relationships† (Kinicki Fugate, 2016, p. 156). In an article written by Al-Zawahreh Al-Madi (2012), a noteworthy factor about the Equity Theory is that, â€Å"The fairness of exchange between

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Filipino Mental Health Culture Paper - 1396 Words

Introduction â€Å"Culture comprises of shared beliefs values, and practices that guide a group’s members in patterned ways of thinking and acting. Culture can also be viewed as a blueprint for guiding actions that impact care, health, and well-being† (Leininger McFarland, 2006). â€Å"Culture is more than ethnicity and social norms; it includes religious, geographic, socio-economic, occupational, ability-or disability-related, and sexual orientation-related beliefs and behaviors. Each group has cultural beliefs, values, and practices that guide its members in ways of thinking and acting. Cultural norms help members of the group make sense of the world around them and make decisions about appropriate ways to relate and behave. Because†¦show more content†¦Although the need for psychiatric treatment exists, Filipino Americans were found to underutilize public outpatient mental health services (Baello Mori, 2007). â€Å"It would seem that Filipino Americ ans, perceived as the most westernized of the Asian Americans, would be more apt to adapt to the American culture. However, they remain among the most mislabeled and culturally marginalized of the Asian Americans. Increased time of residence in the United States may not necessarily reflect an increase in the adoption of American lifestyle and culture† (Sanchez Gaw, 2007) The Philippines have a National Mental Health Policy. There is no mental health legislation and the laws that govern the provision of mental health services are contained in Running Head: FILIPINO MENTAL HEALTH CULTURE PAPER 5 various parts of written laws such as Penal Code, Magna Carta for Disabled Person, Family Code, and the Dangerous Drug Act. The country spends about 5% of the total health budget on mental health and substantial portions of it are spent on the operation and maintenance of mental hospitals. The new social insurance scheme covers mental disorders but is limited to acute inpatient care. Psychotropic medications are available inShow MoreRelatedCultural Comparisons Between Three Cultures : South Indian, Filipino, And Polish- American1401 Words   |  6 Pages This paper focuses and discusses the cultural comparisons between three cultures: South Indian, Filipino, and Polish- American. The heritage assessment is significant in the field of medicine and an essential tool for healthcare providers and their patients. The heritage assessment tool is used as an aid that fosters a deeper understanding of the families that are studied, thereby assisting in forming a framework to approach and deal with a patient’s mental, physical, and spiritual health beliefsRead MoreCultural Heritage Assessment : The Author Of The Paper1025 Words   |  5 PagesCultural Heritage Assessment The author of the paper is a 29 years old female who was born and raised in Nepal. The author immediate family structure consists of mother, father, two sisters, and one brother. The author s birthplace is Mugling, a small town which is located in the district of Chitwan, Nepal. The author identifies the primary language spoken is Nepali and Hindi. The primary religion practiced is Hindu. In Hindu religion, health is defined as a balance between biological, psychologicalRead MoreEssay about Heritage Assessment981 Words   |  4 Pagespublic awareness toward the promotion of health and disease prevention, known as Healthy People 2000 and 2010. It has been beneficial in changing the focus of health care from a reactive standpoint to a proactive one, which endorses national health and prevention of disease (Edelmam Mandle, 2010). However delivery of health care objectives is not enough. Health providers must recognize and incorporate cultural group patterns, and variations within that culture to provide optimal care that promotesRead MoreDefining Culture And Self Reflection Paper Essay2216 Words   |  9 PagesDEFINING CULTURE AND SELF REFLECTION PAPER Sharmaine Pasalo University of Hawai’i at Manoa DEFINING CULTURE AND SELF REFLECTION PAPER An analysis of health management and how my culture intersects health management was done through the completion of addressing a health topic, creating a best practice action plan to address the health topic, creating a concept map, interviewing someone of a different culture as it relates to the health topic and reflecting on my culture and my health managementRead MoreCultural Taboos : Native Hawaiian1330 Words   |  6 Pagesmake up this great world. In this paper, I will be writing about Native Hawaiians. The depth and knowledge in which I had about the Native Hawaiian before this paper, was very limited, but in my research I found a wide variety of information regarding this cultural group. It is a very complex and beautiful culture. In this paper I will address the history, migration and attending behavior, reflecting skills and relationship skills in the Native Hawaiian culture. Historical Information. HawaiiansRead MoreHeritage Assessment1503 Words   |  7 PagesThis assessment of 29 questions based on family, social, cultural, religious and immigration history can be very helpful in identifying the individual’s health traditions and beliefs, which can promote a more culturally competent R.N. Cultural competency is vital for the nurse in designing a plan of care that takes into consideration the culture and traditions of the patient’s belief system to deliver care that meets the patients needs. Cultural beliefs can have a huge impact on the adherence toRead MoreHeritage Assessment1366 Words   |  6 Pagesand work on weaknesses that he has. Unlike other assessment tools, this is a quantitative-based approach aimed at threshing out a person’s family, religious and ethnic background that Influences the healthcare delivered to that person or to their culture The greater the number of the positive responses shows the person’s gr eater identification with traditional heritage. (Spector 365) .Based from the writers experience, a person needs to answer questions in a heritage assessment tool and these questionsRead MoreJerry Trinidad . Professor Tuyay . Asian-American History .1659 Words   |  7 Pagesto stay in detention center to wait for the immigration process to be completed which could take weeks or even in some cases, years. Although some found ways to bilk the system and come to America as a citizen through others or claim that they had papers in the collapsed immigration building. Asians and Europeans, alike, faced discrimination and violence because of the hatred many Americans had towards immigrants and that they took many low-wage jobs.   While in New York, it was not as difficult forRead MoreFilipino Psychology3078 Words   |  13 PagesFilipino psychology, or Sikolohiyang Pilipino, in Filipino, is defined as the psychology rooted on the experience, ideas, and cultural orientation of the Fili pinos. It is regulated by the Pambansang Samahan sa Sikolohiyang Pilipino, (National Organization of Filipino Psychology), in English, which was established in 1975 by Virgilio Enriquez, regarded by many as the Father of Filipino Psychology. Four traditions Zeus Salazar (1985), a historian, identified four traditions upon which Philippine psychologyRead MoreIdentity Crisis Of Asian Americans1276 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction Tracing back to the very first Asian immigrants in America, which were Filipinos arrived in Morro Bay, California, Asian immigrants have stepped on this land of freedom and opportunity for decades (Borah, 1997). Until 2011, based on the statistics by U.S. census Bureau, Asian Americans comprised about 5.6% of the entire population in the United States. However, compared to other races in the United States, Asian Americans are still more likely to be neglected. They are more like guests

WMDA Free Essays

WMDA instance survey The architectural house, West Midlands Designers and Architects Ltd. ( WMDA ) , was a profit-making and successful concern three old ages age. A closely knit group built a friendly and harmoniousness atmosphere under the direction of Russell Quinn. We will write a custom essay sample on WMDA or any similar topic only for you Order Now There are 10 staff working for this design and architecture house. However, the market collapsed and economic system is on crisp downswing. WMDA has less work to manage. Under this circumstance, the foreman decides to happen an acceptable and just method to lay-off four staff in order that the house can go on to last in this competitory market. There are four possible methods to hold decide-making, but, which manner can be a just determination and how to make up one’s mind who would be excess will be analyzed and explained below. Russell Quinn has considered four possible methods: Last in – first out ( LIFO ) ; Voluntary redundancy ; Selection on virtue ; Peer choice included. Every coin has two sides, these four methods besides have their ain strength and failing. First of all, LIFO is the easiest, simplest, traditional method. Additionally, a steady and long history company should necessitate some gifted and full of new thoughts immature employee, non all old and experience employee to pull off the house. On contrast, the freshman came to the house in a short period, therefore, the house has input less money and preparation on them. For illustration, Paul is a no experience fresher in the company and have non created some value or major part for the company. Even though the house may blow recruit and advertisement money spent earlier, it is the best manner to salvage money than lay-off an experience labour remaining in the house for several old ages. However, the house besides need to see if makes the youngest designers redundant, they may see the house has age favoritism. Another method is Voluntary redundancy. Employees own the sentiment that they have the right to take, non oblige to go forth, furthermore, they think the house esteem them in this pick. Hence, this method can let go of concern and fright of the other employee. However, this may non be a good method. First, it is non just wholly. The company normally has a predetermined program who will be laid off so that the top direction will use some method to coerce some staff, such as conversation, deduction and exert force per unit area, etc. Additionally, to a certain extent, it may be a venture for the company. Sometimes the house will lose some superb staff or some you want to go forth buttocks. In comparing, Selection on virtue is much more just. Every house wants to hold superb public presentation and value staff who has the capableness to convey benefit to the corporation. However, merely to detect one staff ‘s result can non judge it is superior or non. Working procedure may be important, for illustration, new employees have less chance and clip to make value and outstanding design, we can merely judge them harmonizing to working procedure. Last, Peer choice is non really utile. Even though the communicating and apprehension among employees are much better than director to employee, therefore, to some grades, equal assessment has valuable mention. However, under this circumstance, staff may all desire the house to utilize another method ( slash wage, take a vacation, work rotary motion, etc ) than make staff redundant. Furthermore, fondness may be when they submit names. As what has been analyzed above, merely to do usage of one method is non just and unreasonable. Integrated attack should be an appropriate manner. Virtually, the house should hold known its nonsubjective, long-run development mark good and travel over every item ( hypertext transfer protocol: //, accessed on Dec 20 2009 ) , public presentation assessment is a important and most utile method to mensurate staff, equal assessment besides can be valuable mention to judge staff ‘ contribution.. Some people may non be leave behind if their end are non equal to the involvement of the house. For illustration, Henry wants the company to diversify into new countries, the house is at low tide that there is non adequate money to put in another concern, which ne’er has invested before. Additionally, Hiroshi wishes Nipponese companies to put up in Britain, yet the fiscal state of affairs is non allow. In decision, the company is loath to lay-off employee. Hence, ne’er make a determination before punctilious deliberation. Harmonizing to the house ‘s monetary status and corporate involvement to do a long-run aim, so remain staff who can assist company to win the conflict. I recommend that the house should do out a theoretical account for development in future and communicate with all employee in the company often. It can assist protect against staff anxiousness and avoid staff job-hopping. Reward superior designers besides be a good manner to promote and back up the remainder of them as a consequence of morale and coherence betterment. On the other side, the house should esteem and back up the staff redundant. Recommendation missive and friendly salutation besides can be a good manner to comfort. ( hypertext transfer protocol: // articleid=178823, accessed on Dec 2 2009 ) Reference A ; # 65292 ; 1, ZhiZhong Chen, Face Layoff Employee Correctly ( 2009 ) , hypertext transfer protocol: // articleid=178823 A ; # 65292 ; accessed on Dec 2 2009 2, Dimitri A.C. Ly, hypertext transfer protocol: //, accessed on Dec 20 2009 How to cite WMDA, Essay examples

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Rethinking Columbus, Rediscovering America In Search for the Promised Land

Analyzing history must be one of the hardest tasks ever – with the modern discoveries, especially the ability to read even the manuscripts that have half disintegrated into dust, and the rethinking of the historical events, what used to be the obvious truth can become another popular myth in a couple of hours.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Rethinking Columbus, Rediscovering America: In Search for the Promised Land specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Because of the recently discovered details about Columbus and his great adventure, the whole pattern of teaching children about the famous traveler falls apart. However, thinking through the lesson, one can find the right way to tell the elementary school kids about the numerous controversies of Columbus and his adventure. Speaking of the most appropriate way to introduce the new facts about Columbus to the elementary school students, a teacher can possibly star t with asking the kids what they know about Columbus and his adventure. After they tell the major details, the teacher can supply a color commentary or to fill in the gaps in the students’ answers about the traditional story (e.g., add the information about the dates, the key names, etc.), creating the foil for the on-coming unmasking routine. After all the pieces fall in their places and the traditional story of Columbus’ adventure is told, the teacher can create the atmosphere of a mystery, telling the class that there is more to Columbus’ story than they think, and ask them what they think Columbus’ nationality was. After the expected â€Å"Spaniard,† the teacher will say that Columbus must have been a Jew, according to the newest findings. After the predictable question about why it has been discovered only recently, the teacher can tell about the mass prosecutions which Jews suffered in the Catholic Spain of XV century.Advertising Looking for essay on history? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Further on, the teacher will explain how the goals that Columbus pursued, trying to make the search for India possible. Thus, the romantic aspect of looking for the Promised Land can be brought up, which will help soften the rough edges of the real story about Columbus’ adventure. Emphasizing that Columbus was a kind of an outcast in his own state and did not belong where he lived can be made less outrageous. As for the controversial issue of enslaving the native tribe, the teacher can ask the students who they think was the first person whom Columbus met when he started exploring the continent. Thus, the issues concerning Columbus’ plans and not quite diplomatic actions can be explained. In addition, the correspondence between the king of Spain and Columbus will be mentioned and can be explained in details. Finally, after the shocking new knowledge about Columbus , his real motives and the details about his discovery of the new continent without actually knowing that he opened a new page in the world history can be offered to the students in the least shocking way. Thus, there is a way to tell children even about the most ambiguous historical events and help them understand that the given ambiguity is an integral part of dealing with the world history.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Rethinking Columbus, Rediscovering America: In Search for the Promised Land specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Thus, such ambiguous information will become not a grim new knowledge, but merely a fact that needs to be remembered and accepted. Hence, the children will be able not only to remember the new information, but also learn to analyze the past events objectively. This essay on Rethinking Columbus, Rediscovering America: In Search for the Promised Land was written and submitted by user Madison Sargent to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Whitlam Dismissal essays

Whitlam Dismissal essays Gough Whitlam was elected to power in 1972 following a fiery election campaign. The election was like know other. Whitlam managed his campaign in a way that made the majority of Australians warm to his unique style of political salesmanship. The election of the Whitlam government was a turning point in politics as the victory signalled a dramatic change to the political arena. Whitlam had a new vision for Australia that appealed to the Australian people. He was a charismatic man who possessed strong leadership characteristics, and maintained the opinion in his campaign that he was born to govern. However, Whitlams victory was twenty-three years in the making. The Labor party had long been divided by party politics and lacked the strong leaders it needed to achieve power. The spoiling tactics of the DLP played a role in the unsuccessful attempts to gain power. Long standing Prime Minister, Robert Menzies and his successors possessed total dominance of the political environment during the 1950s to the 1970s. The new Labor government elected in 1972 revitalised the party as Labor had new visions for Australia. Whitlam saw himself as an alternative to conservative politics because unlike his predecessors he wanted to revolutionize Australias politics to make them modern and less predictable. However, Labor did have a minority in the Senate that made legislation difficult to pass. The government was also embarrassed by scandals within the Caucus. As a consequence of these problems the Governor General, Sir John Kerr dismissed the Whitlam government on the 11th of November 1975. This would become one of the most significant events in Australias political history. Gough Whitlam was elected to power in 1972 following a fiery election campaign. The election was like know other. Whitlam managed his campaign in a way that made the majority of Australians warm to his unique style of political salesmanship. The electio...

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10 Facts About Spanish Prepositions

10 Facts About Spanish Prepositions Here are 10 facts about Spanish prepositions that will come in handy as you learn the language. 1. A preposition is a part of speech that is used to connect a noun with another part of a sentence. That noun - or noun substitute such as a pronoun, infinitive or phrase acting like a noun - is known as a prepositional object. Unlike interjections and verbs, prepositions cannot stand alone; they are always used with objects. 2. Prepositions, preposiciones in Spanish, are called that because they are positioned before objects. In Spanish this is always true. Except perhaps in some kind of poetry where the rules of word order are discarded, the prepositional object always follows the preposition. This is in contrast with English, where it is possible to place a preposition at the end of a sentence, especially in questions such as Whom are you going with? In translating that sentence to Spanish, the preposition con must come before quià ©n, the word for who or whom in a question:  ¿Con quià ©n vas? 3. Prepositions can be simple or compound. The most common Spanish prepositions are simple, meaning that theyre made up of one word. Among them are a (often meaning to), de (often meaning from), en (often meaning in or on), para (often meaning for) and por (often meaning for). Compound prepositions should be thought of as a single unit even though made up of two or more words. Among them are delante de (usually meaning in front of) and debajo de (usually meaning underneath). 4. Phrases beginning with a preposition usually function like adjectives or adverbs. Two examples of adjectival usage, with prepositions in boldface: En el hotel hay mucho ruido durante la noche. (In the hotel there is much noise during the night. The phrase provides a description of ruido, a noun.) Comprà © la comida en el refrigerador. (I bought the food in the refrigerator.) The same adverbial phrases used as adverbs: Ella se levantà ³ durante la noche. (She got up during the night. The phrase describes how the action of the verb, se levantà ³, was performed.) Puse la comida en  el  refrigerador. (I put the food in the refrigerator.) 5. Numerous fixed phrases that include a preposition can also function as prepositions. For example, the phrase a pesar de means in spite of and like simpler prepositions must be followed by a noun or noun substitute: A pesar de la crisis, tengo mucho dinero. (In spite of the crisis, I have a lot of money.) 6. Spanish frequently uses phrases with a preposition in situations where English speakers often use adverbs. For example, youre more likely to hear phrases such as de prisa or a toda prisa to mean hurriedly than an adverb such as apresuradamente. Other common adverbial phrases among the hundreds in existence include en broma (jokingly), en serio (seriously), por cierto (certainly) and por fin (finally). 7. Meanings of prepositions can be vague and highly dependent on context, so the meanings of Spanish and English prepositions frequently dont line up well. For example, the preposition a, while often meaning to, can also mean by, at or even off to. Similarly, the English to can be translated not only as a, but also as sobre, de, hacia and contra. 8. The most confusing prepositions for Spanish students are often por and para. Thats because both are frequently translated as for. The rules become complicated, but one quick tip that covers many situations is that por often refers to a cause of some sort while para often refers to a purpose. 9. When a sentence opens with a prepositional phrase that modifies the meaning of the entire sentence, that phrase is followed by a comma. This is common with phrases that reflect the speakers attitude toward what is said. Example: Sin embargo, prefiero escuchar lo que dicen. (Nevertheless, I prefer to hear what they say.) 10. The prepositions entre and segà ºn use subject pronouns rather than object pronouns. So the equivalent of according to me is segà ºn yo (not using the me you might expect). Similarly, between you and me is entre yo y tà º (me and ti arent used).

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Advertising and Promotion ( MKTG420 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4500 words

Advertising and Promotion ( MKTG420 - Assignment Example It is of considerable importance to highlight that this technology propelled development has resulted in the process of global transformation, where the entire world is increasingly seen and represented as a well connected single global entity. As a result of the technology based transformation of the globe, there has always been a continuous evolution of various kinds of globalization trends. The trends of globalization are emerging from all corners of the world and are increasingly getting diffused at a very rapid pace. It is interesting to state that the diffusion of trends is happening all over the world irrespective of the fact of whether the regions are located in the developed or developing economies. The rapid diffusion of the trends of globalization is resulting in the process of generation of many new types of consumer demands which are basically an outcome of new kinds of consumption habits as well as individual behaviour. It has to be stated that these new consumer demands are increasingly paving the way for a significant amount of business opportunity. Talking from a broad macroeconomic perspective, the economies of various countries around the world are witnessing significant fluctuation of performance more or less on a regular basis. While the credit crisis of the recent past has taken a serious toll in the performance of the European economies, the recent US shutdown has also impacted the performance capability of the world’s biggest market in a very negative fashion. Also, the continued political crisis in some of the regions of the Middle East has continued to mar the chances of growth and economic performance of those regions. In discussing the economic performance scenario of the Asian economies, it needs to be stated that the fluctuations in currency as well as market based volatility has continued to paint a gloomy picture as of the current times.